At Intracoastal Outfitters, we specialize in helping men who DON'T LIKE TO SHOP by offering a well-stocked wall of basics. We strive to carry good-looking, yet functional items from trekking sandals and hiking shoes and boots to flip flops and casual, every day shoes. You need a sandal to take you through tropical trails? We've got 'em. You need a shoe you can get away with at work, but it still looks good enough to wear for a night out on the town? We've got 'em. You need a hiking boot stout enough to hike in Yosemite? A flip flop that'll last you more than a season? We may not carry the largest stock in the region, but every style we carry has purpose. And if your purpose is to find comfortable, good-looking footwear that's built to take you on whatever adventure your're going on, then you belong with us.


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