Hiking Boots

While brands and styles change and evolve over time, what does not change is our never-ending focus on finding rugged, durable, and comfortable hiking footwear for our customers--footwear ideally suited for whatever trip they are going on. Oboz hiking footwear is our primary manufacturer. They are a brand based just outside of Bozeman, Montana, and we believe they make one of the finest boots you can find in the market today. We carry both men's and women's styles (both lows and mids), and what truly separates this brand from the competition is the quality of the insoles that come with every pair. The outsoles are plenty rugged, the uppers are waterproof, rugged, and durable, but when you examine the removable insole from each pair you immediately notice several distinguishing characteristics: a deep heel cup, designed to cup and support the heel with every step; a fairly aggressive arch; and the insole itself is firm unlike the flimsy, thin, often cheap insoles you find even in expensive walking, running, and hiking footwear.

We also stock Merrell, Keen, and Chaco hiking shoes and sandals. Come by the shop to get fit for your next adventure!

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