Intracoastal Outfitters is truly unique in the Pensacola market in terms of our footwear offering. Customers with foot problems ranging from plantar fasciitis to bunions come see us for healthy footwear to ease their pain, usually via doctor referral. Hikers count on us for top-quality, rugged yet comortable shoes and boots. Travelers heading abroad know we can outfit them for whatever excursion they're planning, whether it's to the rocky shoes of the Galapagos or the cobblestone streets of Verona. Nurses, doctors, chefs, waiters, and many others seek shoes to make their feet smile on all-day shifts, while just regular old boaters and beach-goers know they will find the best flip flops in the market. And of course, sometimes you just need a cool pair of shoes to wear with your favorite pair of jeans to go out for drinks. Whatever your need, we will always work hard to truly FIT you with what you need!

"This is the best place in Pensacola to buy shoes!"

"My 5 Fingers were a perfect fit for hiking in Sicily. Thank you Intracoastal Outfitters!"

"I can't believe I deprived myself of a pair of Chacos for so long. Thanks Intracoastal Outfitters for showing my feet a new way to walk!"

"Every pair of shoes in my closet is from Intracoastal Outfitters. If they didn't, I don't wear them!"

"My feet have a new lease on life! Thank you Intracoastal!" 

"I absolutely LOVE your store and everyone who works there. Thank you for all you do!"

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