Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission


To be the kind of store that makes customers want to go outside and play. And when they do, to have provided them with the highest quality products so that they enjoy their time outside to the fullest and remember who gave them such awesome service. 


Our Values


To bring value to our community by creating the kind of store where customers can enjoy the shopping experience while in our store and better enjoy the outdoor experience when they leave. It’s also about giving back to the community that supports us in a variety of ways.  


To bring value to our customers by always offering great products and exceptional service--the kind of service that is often lost these days in most stores you enter. It’s about developing a relationship that lasts far beyond the transaction. 


To bring value to our employees by creating the kind of environment where those we hire can utilize their talents, learn core business values, and grow professionally. Former employees of ours are now the managers and executives of other businesses or owners of their own businesses, and we are proud to have been a part of their professional growth. 

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