Comfort Shoes and Services at Intracoastal Outfitters in Pensacola, FL

Comfort Shoes

We have been THE Birkenstock headquarters for Pensacola since the 80's. But that's just one of our many comfort brandsNAOTTAOS, L’Amour des Pieds, Oofos, ChacoKeenOlukai, & Oboz  all have one important thing in common: they're all good for your feet! Each brand, in its own unique way, provides (in some combination) exceptional support to ensure better overall foot health.

Custom Fitting

We know how to fit HARD TO FIT FEET! Our staff has well over 100 years (and counting . . . ) combined experience in fitting shoes. We ensure a proper fit with every pair of shoes we sell, and we don't recommend shoes that aren't right for the customer. Every customer has different issues and different needs. From bunions to hammer toes, from narrow to wide feet; high insteps versus flat feet and falling arches, we've truly seen it all. There's a reason medical professionals from all over the Greater Pensacola area have been sending us their patients for so many years. They know we do it right.

Shoe Stretching

We have highly specialized, though somewhat medieval-looking, tools to stretch just about any shoe. Often the difference between a shoe that will make your feet smile and one that makes it cry is just a matter of inches. Maybe you need a shoe to curve out around a bunion. Or the toe-box is just a little too narrow. Or the top of the toe-box needs to be stretched to stay off of a pesky hammer-toe. Now, we cannot make shoes any longer or shorter, but shy of that we can almost always make them more comfortable for you.

Orthontic Inserts

Sometimes you have a shoe that you love but it just doesn't have the kind of support you need. That's where our inserts come into play. Let our staff fit you with an orthotic from one of our top-selling shoe brands: Oboz. Our inserts provide the heel and arch support you need to stay comfortable all day long. Orthotic inserts can often alleviate the symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other common foot ailments.

Platar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and Other Foot Ailments

The human foot is complex. Pain can originate for a wide variety of reasons, and while none of our products are guaranteed to eliminate plantar fasciits, heel spurs, or other common foot ailments, we do offer a range of shoes and products designed to alleviate the symptoms associated with those issues. From heel-supporting shoes, sandals and inserts to medical-grade compression sleeves for your heel and arch, we can attack the symptoms in a variety of ways.

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