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Spring and summer in Pensacola can mean a lot of different things. Spring often brings cool evenings where one layer just won’t do. Summer can mean rain every afternoon. For those cool spring evenings, we’ve got a wide variety of lightweight fleece for men and women from North Face, Patagonia, Royal Robbins, Marmot, and Smartwool. It might be a piece of Patagonia capilene baselayer to wear underneath your favorite shirt. It might be a midweight fleece to go over that shirt. Either way, we’ve got outerwear to keep you comfortable no matter the wind or termperature. For those unpredictable summer rainstorms we’ve got waterproof rain jackets from all the same brands. Jackets that fold up small enough to fit in a purse, glove compartment, or small backpack, yet will keep you absolutely dry during even the most torrential downpour.

And those people who say it doesn’t get cold in Florida, well, they’ve never spent a December on the Panhandle! Try going through 30 degree temperatures with 30 knot winds and topped off with 100% humidity—see if you can go through that with a tropical shirt and flip flops on!! For those brutal winter days and nights we’ve got heavy weight jackets and fleeces from all our best brands. And if you’re traveling, we’ve got pieces that will keep you comfortable even in the coldest environs—ski apparel, for instance, like the North Face TriClimate series jackets for men and women.

You’ll also find stylish pieces like the women’s Patagonia Re-tool Snap-T and for men the Patagonia Retro X vest. Just two of the pieces you’ll find that are a perfect blend of fashion and function. Not that we do fashion, but hey, you can be comfortable and look good while you’re at it!

"I absolutely LOVE your store and everyone who works there. Thank you for all you do!"

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